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I have just come back from a extraordinary event that was held in the Jura France.  Very wonderful to meet like-minded people with similar gifts and training from all over the world. Here is a great article about the event from one spokesperson for the Circle of Wisdom who organises the festival. 


Have a look also at the great pics in the DIAPORAMA



6th Shamanic Wisdom Circle Festival of the Union of Ancestral Traditions was a great success on all fronts ...

We were pleased to welcome and invite all participants to succeed with us the unlikely marriage of knitting and light, weaving together a huge light coat that covers the earth to prepare the change we all dream about, and move from a world of male competition to a world of female cooperation.

We succeeded thanks to a large audience (1500 friendly people the majority of which stayed 4 days), which was fully invested enthusiastically in the various ceremonies and 222 offered workshops. The help and support of our partners have been essential in the success of the 6th Festival and we THANK WARMLY :

- Giovanni and Shyam Proietto, guardians of the Domaine du Château Bellevue and their great team.
- Alain Hubert and Chevillat Rebmeister (Terre du Ciel). Saturday June 7 to Monday, June 9, 2014 we will participate with our partner in the 30th Forum of Terre du Ciel dedicated to shamanism.
- Marjolaine and Jacques Durand of Soleil Levant.
- Stéphane Rudaz of Recto Verseau.
- The many volunteers who worked hard for more than a week, making the fesivalt, a real success.

Love and sharing were the theme of this beautiful meeting. More than 130 individual HEALINGS were given during the four days.
At the same time as the festival took place under a mild sky, 13 films were screened in a shamanic festival film. The Best Film awarded by our judges was David Paquin for the film l’instant magique (the magic moment). "Between life and death, ignorance and knowledge, unlearning to be reborn to life. A real hymn to Nature. "
A special award was presented with a lot of emotions to Costanzo Allione and Anna Saudin for all their work in the service of shamanism.

6 exhibitions of traditional arts, with the presence of shamanic inspiration artists, who presented 140 different works have also been honored with:
- The Aztecan art (Mexico) Ulises,
- The Aboriginal art (Australia) with Michèle and Michel Panhelleux,
- The Huichol art (Mexico) with Elvira Clev,
- The Shipibo art (Peru) with Jean Michel Gassend,
- Wood carving (Europe) with Ludovic Tuaillon,
- The creation on raw wood (Europe) Marc Leblet

A shop with objects of shamanic power produced by shamans at the festival was offered, and has opened a space for exchange and popular usability.

A special mention also for the dining area which was unanimously a success, around meal dedicated to vegetarian cooking,  inspired by Ayurveda, but also open to traditional food cultures, Indian, Italian, Asian and French.

Our surprise was great to discover the many artistic talents, not only members of our circle, who delighted us through concerts by their songs and music, but also of all the artists, planned or unplanned, who have accompanied the main moments of the Forum and certain ceremonies. As expressed by Mark Vella (nomadic pianist) the role of the artist's heart is to make his art becoming a service to the emergence of the other, which corresponds precisely to the core and guiding values ​​of our shamanic involvement within our circle.

This major event in the history of Western shamanism was initiated by our circle that has existed for seven years, from a dream carried by Patrick Dacquay, founder of the Circle, and born in the High Jura in 2007 (is the circle who was born in 2007, not Patrick Dacquay) and brings together all those who are inspired by the Ancient Wisdom. The main objective is to bring together delegations from around the world to share their vision of the world, their message and their ceremonies. Obviously this is the direction that will take our seventh gathering of international shamanism in 2014.

This gathering of shamans from the five continents, who already promises to be larger than this one is  the 7th Shamanism Festival will be held at Domaine Château Bellevue Thursday April 24 to Sunday, April 27, 2014.

We were pleased to host and share with a very participative and totally conquered public, what is our purpose and that, far from being a show, is part of a real opening consciousness to a political, social, economic and spiritual project for our humanity walking.

The original Circle  is now composed of 45 people who are not all shamans strictly speaking, some are brilliantly carrying the shamanic consciousness. The core of our circle is composed of representatives of the Union of Ancestral Traditions.

In our view, there can be no shamanism without tradition and without lineage. Shamanism is the warrantor of the Ancestral Wisdom related to Elders and Ancestors ; without this relationship then there is no shamanism.
Without getting into a particular hierarchy, we recognize that there are shamanic inspired therapies that are quite valid. This is also a new-age neo-shamanism quite interesting, but often lack of memorial roots and chamanic initiations as a transmitter of knowledte , which is an interesting inspired shamanism, but we believe that it miss the experience how precious of the Ancients.
The mad ambition of the Circle is to bear witness of our traditions and be a model, a reference for those who are seeking.

In that purpose, we have developed a founder and embryonic document that deserves to create an ethical code to understand the fundaments of shamanism. This document is in transformation; on the occasion of our seventh meeting, a manifest, enriched of a hundred pages will develop the topics discussed in it. If you wish, you can also become involved in this awareness, disseminating many brochures you've purchased during the festival or you can order them to Alain Remy:  Tel: 00 41 26 65 23 666 (10 manifest for 10 €) to help the essence of shamanism to be better known and so stop running many lies.
 During the first morning forum, Patrick Dacquay introduced us to the different traditions. Patrick is customary chief of our Wisdom Circle of the Union of Ancestral Traditions. This term “chief” should be understood in its original version and not as it can be used today. The Chief is designed by the spirits and ancestors and has more duties than rights, such as Patrick doesn’t participate to votes in the Circle. The Chief is the guarantor of respect, ethics and proper functioning of the Circle but his guidance in also ongoing collaboration with its members and of course the spirits who have instilled him this dream, at Native American gathering in Maniwaki Canada, and on which late Grandfather William Commanda, founder of the Maniwaki gathering, gave his blessing ... A delegation of our circle will be present this year in August at the great gathering of Maniwaki to meet the new leader.


The Circle had the great pleasure to welcome as members, the invited shamans who attended to the shamanic gathering at Chateau Bellevue.

Loumitéa from Quebec, Blue Eagle from Quebec, Kazu Ogawa San of Japan, Bhola Nath Banstola from Nepal, Ojasvin and Iris Kingi from New Zealand, Abdelah Akkharz and his apprentice from Morocco, Bernard Duquesne from Morocco, Vera Sazhina from Russia, Costanzo  Allione and Anna Saudin from Italy
 honored us,  through joining us in the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions, in a moving ceremony.


We are waiting for you numerous, to co-create with us the 7th Shamanism festival which will bring together, in addition to all shamans present at the 6th festival, many other traditions who wish to join us in a great impulse of solidarity behind an ambitious project and now realistic : waking up the heritage of the people to save the tradition and the teachings which are on the point to disappear today, in favor of values ​​based on personal power, consumerism and full power to science ...

Spirit and Nature were separated a long time ago, which resulted in serious disturbances on the Earth. Nature is the work of the Spirit and is animated by different spirits and different powers. From stones to clouds, the Spirits look at humans. They expect of us a moral and righteous behavior, as the ancients taught us, in shamanic transmissions, that is to say in accordance with Universal Order.

When the human no longer plays his role, malfunctions happen, and spirits also fall to the state of chaos. Morality and human righteousness that we can find in traditional shamanism allow spirits to stay connected with the cosmic harmony  ...

Didier Rauzy  spokesman of Wisdom Circle of the Union of Ancestral Traditions





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Please, forward, share and spread in your networks.
Thanks, Peace and blessings to all...



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Friday 27 march 2009 5 27 /03 /Mar /2009 09:46

Dear all,

I have received several requests to come to Europe and perform concerts.

The dates are not settled yet, but I should be coming in October to the South of France and maybe to Belgium as well.

As soon as we have time to set up a calendar on this blog you will be able to keep track of what I will be offering.

If you want to organise a concert in your region, and/or a workshop on Native American music therapy, and/or on Native American therapy with crystals, you may get in touch with Dominique at .

Looking forward to sharing precious moments with you!

All our relations

Blue Eagle

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Wednesday 26 november 2008 3 26 /11 /Nov /2008 21:21

Tender Winds Tour

New Earth Concert

Blue Eagle weaves a memorable evening inspired by the principles of First Nations music therapy and story telling. You will hear traditional Native American songs, original compositions, harmonic toning and instrumental improvisation.

The sweet melodies of the flute, the rhythms by the drum, the whisper of the songs chanted to the rhythm of traditional rattles, the relaxing harmonies of the zither and the classical guitar will entrance body mind and spirit. A moment of eternity and magic, where daily humdrum and worries will blissfully vanish.

Here is how Blue Eagle describes his concerts: my gift is the ability to convey the vibrational frequencies of the new earth in a musical event. By creating what Native Americans call sacred space I manage to create an ambiance that invites us into the coming world of peace and harmony. For many, this opportunity will have a calming effect, giving hope, renewal and energy in troubled times.

Duration : 2 hours

Group music therapy sessions

With a small group of maximum 8 persons, Blue Eagle will share sounds and music specifically conceived for the vibratory needs of the participants. The space will be prepared in order to guarantee the deepest state of relaxation possible, and the participants will be sitting or lying so as to better receive the musical offering.

Duration : 2 hours

If you would like to organize a concert in your region, you can reach me directly

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I am a creator of therapeutic music and  fragrances, books of wisdom as well as other products, all created with ta view to  enhancing awareness and well-being in humans and Nature.
Very young, I understood the importance of Nature, which can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality. Later, the acknowledgement of my Native American heritage enabled me to acquire the tools necessary for the work I perform today. To read more, click here


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